Athletic Race

On the occasion of the commemoration of International Women’s Health Day (May 8) and World Environment Day (June 5), the Commission for the Defense of Human Rights of Oaxaca, summoned in 2008 all and all the athletes, as well as the Oaxacan families to participate in their first Athletic Race “For the Defense of Women’s Rights and the Right to a Healthy Environment”.

The cart took place on June 8, 2008, with the following categories: Free, Master, Veterans in the men’s and youth branches, as well as a single category for families. Approximately 400 people participated in this first race.

During 2009, Oaxacan athletes were once again invited to participate in the Second Athletics Race “For the Defense of Women’s Rights and a Healthy Environment”, where more than 400 athletes and 100 Oaxacan families participated. On this occasion the categories were: free, veterans, wheelchair, special, in the men’s and youth branches, in the same way there was a single category for families made up of four people. It is worth mentioning that on this occasion special recognition was given to Dr. Gerardo Geminiano López, for his outstanding career in Athletics.

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Collaboration Agreements

In order to establish legal strategies and general recommendations to strengthen institutional capacities in the area of ​​prosecution and administration of criminal justice for indigenous people, the State Commission for Human Rights of Oaxaca (CEDHO) and the representation of the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for the Human Rights in Mexico, (OHCHR) signed a collaboration agreement.

The Oaxacan Ombudsman, Sergio Segreste Ríos, mentioned that the collaboration agreement will strengthen one of the main deficiencies of our state, such as the defense of indigenous peoples, which requires more effective attention because “many times they are tried without them knowing the procedure they are facing ”, he stressed.

He indicated that the first stage of the pilot program in our country will last 10 months and aims to prepare a general diagnosis on the situation of indigenous people in prison.

He stressed the importance of our entity’s human rights defenders collaborating with external organizations concerned about what is happening in Oaxaca and thus strengthening the effort made in the defense of human rights.

For his part, the representative of the OHCHR, Anders Kompass explained that the project to be carried out in the state is the result of the diagnosis made by the UN on human rights and seeks to contribute to the strengthening of institutional capacities in the area of ​​justice procurement. for indigenous peoples of Mexico.

For this, a pilot program will be applied in the entity within which interviews with indigenous prisoners will be carried out, as well as a review of judicial files, and the systematization and analysis of the information collected taking into account the political and social context of the peoples. natives.

At the end, a diagnosis of the situation of the administration of justice for indigenous prisoners will be prepared, in which recommendations on public policies and legal strategies will be formulated to the corresponding authorities. Also now Wenatchee Gutters

OHCHR will work together with federal and state authorities to implement these recommendations and thereby promote not only justice in particular cases but also promote structural changes that ensure access to justice for indigenous peoples.

The CDDHO widely disseminates the rights

Through various activities, respect for the rights of girls and boys is promoted.
For the first time, the exhibition of drawings by the boys and girls winners of the eleventh children’s drawing contest, “Let’s paint our rights”, visits the interior of the state.

Diffusion is an important weapon to prevent violations of the human rights of girls and boys, as stated by Doctor Heriberto Antonio García, when meeting at the Teatro de la Ciudad with boys and girls from schools: Héroes 5 de Septiembre, Juchitán School Center and the Simone de Beauvoir school, in Juchitán de Zaragoza.

Accompanied by Mtro. José Antonio Álvarez Hernández, Executive Secretary of the organization, as well as the councilor for Human Rights Vicente López Santiago mentioned that for the CDDHO one of the most alarming issues is that of sexual abuse, mistreatment and child pornography, added that this activity of Broadly disseminating the rights and obligations of girls and boys began intensively in the Isthmus region, said activity will be carried out in all regions of the State through the regional offices that this Commission has.

In this sense, the CDDHO in recent days began a series of activities to promote and disseminate the rights of girls and boys in that region of the state, one of the first activities was the delivery of a conference aimed at girls where more than 200 children from the three primary schools.

During the conference that was given by Mtro. José Antonio Álvarez Hernández, Executive Secretary of the CDDHO, was made aware of the rights and obligations of girls and boys, and the attendees learned about the content of the documents that at the national, state and international level contemplate the protection of rights of girls, boys and adolescents.

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